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The job of a resource/foster parent is very challenging. It is also very rewarding. What a resource/foster parent is asked to do is to take in someone else's child and love them, care for them, provide for them, advocate for them, cheer for them, tend to their emotional needs, and help prepare them for reunifying with their family or dealing with the greatest loss they can imagine. There is no price tag that can be put on the job/calling of a resource/foster parent.

Living with Hope wants to come along side resource/foster parents and offer some “perks” to make the job a little easier. We want to offer assistance with practical needs as they may occur. The whole idea is to keep the wonderful resource/foster parents we have and make it more feasible for other families who have a desire to foster a child, but see too many barriers.

We offer ---

*Respite stipend so foster parents can get a break
*A meal during the week of receiving a new placement
*Provides a monthly foster parent support group
*Emergency placement financial assistance
*Provides nice used clothing
*Working on finding services that offer a discount to families
*Offers mentoring to new resource/foster parents and encouragement to long term foster parents.

Your financial assistance will help foster parents continue to build futures for children and give the children the hope they need to become secure, loving children.